Commercial Tinting.

Commercial Tinting

Commercial Window Tint OC

Are you the owner of a commercial property and do you pay thousands of dollars in regular maintenance of your property to ensure the safety and security of the structure? If despite taking all other measures to ensure the well being of your property and you still have not installed tinted windows, then you are doing it wrong! Tinted windows offer that extra layer of security and style, and we at OC Tintz, a small family-owned window tinting company, are here to tell you how you can get superior quality tinted windows by availing our services! With the top-notch service in commercial window tint OC Tintz offers, you get window films suitable for your property that are proven to be effective in UV deflection and IR rejection. We service many major cities of Orange County – we are known for the most reliable service in window tinting Santa Ana city can boast of, the most reliable among businesses in window tinting Anaheim CA offers, the finest service in window tinting Irvine CA locals can choose from, not to mention in our home base of Fullerton CA.

Window Tinting Santa Ana

The superior quality commercial window Tint OC Tintz offers has earned us a reputation as the best service in window tinting Santa Ana CA can offer. The only secret to our success, which has reached other cities as well making us the most reliable option in window tinting Irvine, Anaheim or Fullerton residents can choose from, is our immense dedication to top-quality customer service along with supplying the finest window films available, recommended by organizations such as the Skincare foundation. With our services in window tinting that Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim and Fullerton residents will be able to install an extra layer of security to their commercial properties because our tinted windows are almost impossible to break through, and what’s more, the deflection of UV rays and the feature of IR rejection reduce the chances of various diseases including skin cancer. The commercial window tint OC Tintz offers will also be beneficial when it comes to saving energy costs at your property because our services in window tinting Irvine, Anaheim, Fullerton and Santa Ana commercial property owners trust, are effective in reducing the heat inside your property significantly resulting in no more high AC costs! Avail of our services now to get all these benefits through a one-time installation of tinted windows!

Outstanding Benefits.

There are a variety of shades to choose from including colours to match the external look of your building. Some films provide better heat reduction while others create a more private environment. Depending on your needs, there’s a window film that will work for you. Let us know what window film option is best for your business, OC Tintz has you covered!

commercial window tint


Direct sunlight can be a big problem for shop front displays. Normal glazing will allow sunlight, damaging UV rays and heat to pass through windows.

commercial window tinting


When disaster strikes, your windows can take a beating by shattering into dangerous shards of glass! Window film will protect you and your property.

commercial tinting


Privacy film can transform glass into a translucent or an opaque surface. A cost-effective alternative to replacing existing glazing.

Commercial Tinting


Window film manifestation look stylish and is the most cost efficient way to ensure glass doors are marked appropriately for the legal requirements.

Window Tinting Anaheim

We are the number one choice when it comes to affordable and quality service in window tinting Anaheim CA residents trust due to our growing popularity as a leading service in window tinting that all Anaheim, Irvine, Fullerton, and Santa Ana locals are fond of is proof of the quality of our service. If you are hesitant about the pricing question, we assure you of rates that are more reasonable than any of our competitors. We believe that the safety and security of property is not something any business owner should have to compromise on, hence our prices are accessible to all. Contact us today to receive a completely free estimate based on your property and get the best-tinted windows for your commercial property now by availing of the services of OC Tintz!

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