Care Tips for Home Window Tints

Advances in window tinting technology have allowed for the development of residential window tint film products. Many homeowners are investing in residential window tinting for practical reasons. One of the most known reasons for home window tinting is to let some light into the house while blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. Another reason is that installing window tints can help make homes more energy efficient. 

Window tinting Anaheim also provides homeowners with a wide range of benefits, including reduced indoor glare, increased home value, added safety and security against window breakage, prevention of premature fading of furniture and fixtures, and better regulation of indoor temperature.

Because of these practical reasons, taking care of window tints has become one of the priorities in maintaining a home. This article discusses how to keep window tint films in excellent condition for many years.

What to avoid when it is time to clean window tint films

Many care tips for home window tints on the internet are straightforward. However, it still pays to do a second check regarding the information given about window tint cleaning and maintenance, especially those that need avoiding.

Avoid window cleaning products that have abrasive chemicals. When buying your cleaning materials, check the labels carefully. If the product contains ammonia, it would be better to look for another option. Cleaning products that have ammonia in them can damage your home window tint. So, when you do use a cleaner, be sure to use the right type to avoid causing any damage.

Using materials like scrub pads, newspapers, and paper towels is a no-go. Any rough cleaning material may cause light scratches or leave tiny fibers on the tint’s surface. Instead, the advisable materials for cleaning a window tint film are the following:

  • mild cleaning solution like soap or baby shampoo,
  • water and vinegar solution,
  • dishwashing soap and warm water,
  • microfiber towel,
  • squeegee (for large windows) and
  • cotton towels.

These materials are easy to find at convenience stores and are frequently used at home. There is no need to spend too much money on cleaning products. 

Set a schedule for regular cleaning

One good practice to help maintain the beauty of a residential window tint is to set a regular schedule to clean it. Dirt and grime can accumulate on the dyes over time. This makes them look old and lessens the curb appeal of a home.

Regular window maintenance allows you to practice proper cleaning methods and know the best time to do the cleaning according to your home schedule and routine. An advisable frequency for cleaning windows would be every four or five weeks. When regular window cleaning is observed, the lifespan of a home window tint film can reach 10 to 15 years. 


A thorough cleaning of home window film is vital for the longevity of your investment. By following these simple tips, you’ll get the most out of your window tint and make the tint film look as good as new.

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