Ceramic Window Tints and Its Benefits

When searching about the benefits or advantages of window tinting Santa Ana, information from professionals is almost the same. Tints reduce glare, protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays, maintain room temperature, and so on. But window tints have different shades and types, with the pinnacle of the best shade being a ceramic window tint.

What is a Ceramic Window Tint?

Ceramic window tint is a product of nanotechnology. This window tint is a multi-layered film of ceramic particles that are microscopic and non-conductive. Unlike other window tints that may have metallic properties, ceramic window tints lack them. For this reason, window tint for buildings, cars, or homes does not affect the signal strength of phones and other mobile devices.

What are its benefits?

Ceramic window tints are a high-end window film that is more expensive than other types of window tint films. On the contrary, many people choose this type of window tint because of its impressive benefits justifiable by its cost. Here are the advantages of installing ceramic window tint films:

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

Using ceramic tints on windows can protect people from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The ceramic particles in the dye can block up to 99% of the dangerous, cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays.

Reduces Glare

One annoying event most people encounter, whether driving or working, is disabling glare. This usually happens when the eyes cannot handle much of the bright light it receives. It limits a driver’s ability to see on the road. Consequently, people that work in offices with floor-to-ceiling windows also catch too much light, which causes eye strain that often leads to fatigue.

Other glares that one may experience are:

  • Distracting glare – occurs when high luminance is directly noticeable from a person’s position.
  • Discomforting glare – an occurrence in which the eye is suddenly exposed to brightness fluctuation.
  • Blinding glare – develops when polarized light creates visual jarring. This glare can be debilitating and frequently obscures eyesight, rendering a person temporarily blind.

With ceramic window tints, reducing the sun’s glare is easy. It will block the harsh lights during the day and improve vision when driving at night. This also reduces the risk of eye diseases and other refractive issues caused by glare.

Keeps Interiors Cooler

An excellent ceramic window film will also help keep home and car interiors cooler. It blocks infrared rays from the sun, which is responsible for heat building up inside cars, offices, or houses. This is especially true during summer when the heat is scorching.

Ceramic window tints are designed to provide excellent heat absorption that can help save money on air conditioning. Ceramic dyes can also keep interiors warm during wintertime.

Exhibits Durability

While other window tints easily peel or fade after a few years, ceramic window tints can last ten years or longer. Because it is a high-end auto tinting, one can only expect superior durability. It is scratch-resistant, and the potential breaking of your windows will be challenging because of the ceramic properties in the tints.

So, is a Ceramic Window Tint Worth One’s Money?

Given the benefits of choosing ceramic window tinting, it does prove to be a wise investment. Knowing that it can also outlast a car’s lifespan means it is way better than any regular window tints. Ceramic window tints are not hard to find. Many reliable window tinting companies like OC Tintz offer top-of-the-line window tinting services. Call us at (714) 485-6121 for inquiries and appointments.

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