Choosing the Best Car Window Tint

If you’re planning to have your car window tinted, you’ll want to choose the correct film according to specific standards. There are several different types of it, and other states have various regulations—a certain level of darkness for car windows. Darker tints are better for privacy, but some shades don’t block all UV rays.

Choosing the right window tint might be a challenge one can experience. If you are new to putting film on your car’s window, here are some points you need to remember when looking for a perfect window tint to give you privacy, security, and sun protection.

Get Familiar with The Different Available Window Tints

Research can spare you from spending a fortune on window tints. Information on the benefits and options of window tinting will unveil its mystery. This can help you come up with a wise decision regarding window tinting.

Privacy and Protection with Window Tints

When choosing a car window tint, you must consider what it can offer to improve your privacy. If you’re worried about your safety on the road, or if your primary goal in getting car window tints is for protection purposes, then you’re on the right track to get one. Installing a dark shade window tint will help protect you from the outside gazes of spectators. In cases of smash and grab, window tints act as a layer of protection that holds together shards of glass, preventing them from hitting passengers inside the vehicle.

Aside from that, putting window films on your vehicles reduces your car interiors from fading. Not only are you protected, but your valuables and car fittings are too.

Window Tint Percentages

In terms of tint percentages, you can test them through VLT or visible light transmission. This test lets you see how much light passes through the window film. As a general rule, remember: the lower the percentage, the darker the window tint.

  • 50% – window tints at this level provide enough comfort and block heat and UV rays. Glare reduction is also assured to prevent eye strain during trips. This percentage in window tints is known as the national standard.
  • 35% – aside from blocking you from the sun’s harmful radiation, many car owners choose this shade percentage due to how it makes the car look. If you are after making your car look sleeker and more stylish, this one may be for you.
  • 20% and Below – known as a ‘factory tint,’ window films of this percentage are standard for newly manufactured vehicles. For others, it is the perfect balance for those who seek privacy and style. This type of window tint makes it hard for onlookers or criminals to see the valuables inside the vehicle. In California, window tints as low as 5% dark are allowed for the rear and back side windows because the front windshield and front side windows are required to be at 70%.

Check Your State’s Laws Before Hiring a Car Window Tinting Company

If you want tinted windows on your car, you must know your state’s laws first. Many states have strict rules about how much tint you can have on your windows. These laws are based on Visible Light Transmission (VLT), the amount of light allowed to pass through the car’s windows. The darker the tint, the harder it is for light to get through.

It can be unclear to know what laws apply in one’s state. Some states allow certain brands of window film, while others don’t. So, it pays first to check the AS-1 line or the visor strip, which is on the windshield of most cars.

It pays to check with your local laws for legal options. As for a window tinting service that can comply with state regulations, choose OC Tintz. Highly skilled and professional technicians are necessary for proper installation.

Are There Any Exemptions?

Many states provide an exemption for people with specific health or vision conditions. For example, photosensitive people can be exempted from tinting their car windows. But with the help of technology, newer tints can now block 99% of UV rays from the sun. Another exception to the law is if the car manufacturer did the tinting. Bottom line, it is still wisest to check with the local tint installation companies to see if your state has any limitations on the tint.


Installing window tint on your car windows will always depend on your preference. We should consider tinted windows for security reasons; we know you want them because they can improve visibility, keep your interior cool, and deter thieves. Your safety and health are what window films are for.

For the best and highest-quality window tinting you need, we at OC Tintz are here to help you. You can visit our website or call us at (714) 485-6121.

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