Common Issues with Car Window Tint

Getting car window tint is a common choice among car owners. For them, it is worth one’s investment as it can significantly impact a car’s interior. With the right tint, vehicles are protected from harmful UV rays, glare, and heat that can transfer through the glass.

It may be tempting to DIY a Tesla window tinting, but not using the right tools or defective tints may only frustrate a person. There are some common issues with car window tints that can make them look cheap and unattractive. On the other hand, a reliable window tinting shop can always address the common issues that may occur in doing a Tesla window tinting in Orange County. Never hesitate to ask for the help of professional installers in cases such as this.

How Does Window Tinting Work?

The window tinting process is quite a straightforward process; automotive window tint installation involves three essential steps:

Window tint films are applied on the glass window by wetting and squeegeeing out the excess soapy water between the window and the tint film. Window tinting technicians also use a heat gun to contour the film to the curvature of the glass window.

After the window tinting application, the film goes through the curing process, which is the period when the adhesive is expected to dry. During this period, you must follow the care instructions provided by the window tinting technician.

Common Issues on a Car Window Tint

Car owners may encounter window film problems during and after installation despite its many benefits. Moreso, some of these issues may appear even after several years.


Bubbles that form in the film can be a distraction when driving. If the bubbles get too big, window tints trap light rays, interfering with vision and impeding driving ability.

But in some cases, the abrupt breakdown of window tint adhesives right after a fitting signifies an installation problem. Bubbles form because of the following:

  • Exposure to dirt and dust
  • Missed spots where grime is present
  • Presence of soap or water between the car window and tint


After utilizing it for a while, peeling of window tints is expected. But when this happens right after an application, the usual reason is because of the use of weak adhesives. The same problem will occur if the car’s surface is still wet when the diluted glue is applied. Excessively hot windows will also repel adhesives.

Heat transfer problems

Window tinting can lessen the heat radiating from your vehicle. Quality dyes on car windows will reduce heat buildup inside the vehicle. However, low-quality tinting does not block enough heat from the sun, even with a darker shade.


Window films are constantly exposed to heat and UV rays, which puts much strain on the materials. Cheaper window tints fade more quickly and typically turn purple. If your shade begins to have purple undertones, the dye was either misused or not of the highest caliber.

Foggy Tints

Tints can sometimes become foggy or hazy when misapplied. Typically, a moist automobile surface during installation is to blame. The water evaporates after becoming caught behind the tint, obscuring the rest of the picture. In these situations, you should seek professional advice because cloudy surfaces can impair your ability to see the road clearly when driving.


Trying to install your window tints by yourself can be daunting. Not only can you get in over your head, but you might also damage your windows in the process. Do not go for less-than-perfect window tinting. Consulting a professional can spare you the headache that faulty window tinting installations can bring.

Be on the lookout for companies that guarantee only quality work. This is the best way to safeguard that window tints are installed correctly.

Have only the best value for your window tint investment that can last up to 10+ years with OC Tintz. Get in touch with us at (714) 485-6121.

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