Pros and Cons of DIY Car Window Tinting

Pros and Cons of DIY Car Window Tinting

Car owners value the sense of privacy and protection inside their vehicles. Hence, they consider investing in window tinting for their vehicles. But with the popularity of window tinting and the growing need for window tints, DIY (do-it-yourself) kits came to the “rescue.”

Most reasons for people who opt for DIY window tinting can be summarized as affordability, convenience, and fun. However, despite the appealing money-saving and convenience benefits that DIY window tinting provides, some people still refuse to do the job by themselves because they see that installing window films is still a professional’s work.

Here are the advantages and drawbacks you should consider if you plan to DIY your window tinting:

Pros of DIY Window Tinting

Here are some of the reasons to DIY your window tints:

Tint Levels and Pre-Cut Sheets

With the growing number of window tint kits and packages, you can easily find a window film that will suit your budget and needs. For instance, you can choose the level of tint darkness according to your preference.

The window film DIY kits that are available in the market are also pre-cut. They are offered to fit different window types and sizes. This makes installation more manageable since the window films are cut to fit your windows straight out of the box.


When your kits have arrived, you can install your window tints in a schedule that is most convenient for you. Be it after work or on the weekend, get immediate access to your garage and do it efficiently. Combine it with the countless internet videos that can teach you how to do window tinting and DIY; it seems to be a credible thing.  You can even make it an opportunity to bond with your family at home.

Cons of DIY Window Tinting

However, despite the various benefits DIY window tinting can provide with you, there are still drawbacks that you should consider.

It’s a Challenging Task

If you’re planning on doing your window tinting, you’ll need to follow the directions strictly. Window tinting is time-consuming and tedious work that requires careful attention to detail. You’ll also need to know how to use the tools included in the kit and how to install the film correctly. If you do it wrong, air bubbles can form, and the film won’t stick properly. Unevenness, scratching, and etching are most likely to happen if you apply too much pressure or remove and reapply the film.

Working in an Unfavorable Environment

To add to its intricate process, applying the window tints in an area where dust and clutter accumulate can make the DIY installation a failure. Proper lighting is essential, too. Using the tints accurately may be impossible if the lighting is too bright or too dark. This is why window tinting is often done in an enclosed but spacious environment devoid of clutter and with good lighting.

Raises Risk of a Car Accident

For this reason, advocating for the proper installation of car window tints is necessary.


Along with your decision to DIY window tinting, accepting the legal responsibility that comes with it is a must. Errors like a darker car window tint on the advised 70% visible light transmission (VLT) if combined with factory-tinted front and side front windows, may get you a ticket.

First-time offenders are issued tickets to warn them and ask them to do something about their tints immediately. Meanwhile, second-time offenders are fined $25 and asked to remove their window tints. Third-time offenders will receive a more extensive amount of fine. So, it is also better to first be familiar with and adhere to car window tinting laws implemented in CA.


While it is possible to tint windows yourself, satisfaction with the result is relatively important. If you’re not comfortable with the thought of choosing DIY for your window tints, consider hiring a professional for the job.

Professionals can make sure that your window tinting is appropriately applied. They can even get to the edges of your windows to prevent tinting mistakes and give you a manufacturer’s warranty.

Lack of expert touch with a job as delicate as window tinting, it is only fitting to get the right people to do it. Professional installation of window tints offered by OC Tintz is applicable for automotive, commercial, and residential settings. Avail of our professional service by visiting our website at or contact us at (714) 485 6121. Let us give you the best of our window tinting services.

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