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We believe that the combination of our outstanding customer service, price, convenience and quality CANNOT be matched anywhere! We’d love to discuss your requirements and are confident that we can provide the solution!

We only use industry spec Window Films to give your vehicle the BEST finish possible.


All of our past clients that received window tint from OC Tintz can vouch for the quality we offer. If you need some one that will apply window film to your vehicle the right way look no further. Here are some of our reviews and you can also view more of them here. We strive to be the best window tinting shop in Orange County in terms of service and quality workmanship!

OC Tintz
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Evan OlsonEvan Olson
07:31 15 Jan 22
I have had several cars tinted in the OC AREA but Jesus and OC Tintz are by far the best shop I have ever encountered. I had gotten a tint job done a couple days prior and I got 3M ceramic IR from a different shop and the problem with this film is low angle haze which drove me absolute nuts and made it more difficult to drive. I had reached out to Jesus to make an appointment to get it removed and get the XPEL Prime Plus installed. No low angle haze at all!Prices are super reasonable and the quality of work is fantastic.Thank you Jesus.
Robert kRobert k
01:49 30 Dec 21
A co-worker told me about OC tint and what a great value it was. I called and arranged an appointment the next day. They communicated with me promptly. The car was finished on time and looks great. I am going to have them do my second car.
Alli IannoneAlli Iannone
04:52 24 Dec 21
Awesome experience with great overall work. This is my first time visiting this place for any tinting and i would have to say i will most likey be back for more. They responded to my inquire fast gave me a response on the 12th and fit me in for an appointment on the 16th. It took about 3 hours considering the type of car and i got super ceramic which is the best of the best. On top of that they gave me some goodies to take care of my windows after and a coupon bracelet for buying super ceramic. AWESOME MAN
Marissa DelgadoMarissa Delgado
04:39 20 Dec 21
OC 𝙏𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙯 is amazing. Most definitely going back to them, Jesus is very professional and it is great pricing! Would highly, highly recommend them!
Tony LopezTony Lopez
04:48 15 Dec 21
OC Tintz provided amazing customer service as well as outstanding results. They have brought me a step closer to building my dream car!


Window tinting is the process of adding window film to your vehicle’s windows to help with either privacy and heat reduction, but not all films are created equal!

What does this mean? it means that even if you have window tint applied to your windows it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get what you wanted. Lower quality films do not have the added benefit of 99% UV Protection, which all our lines carry(including our entry-level film).

Our entry-level film doesn’t carry the heat reduction and infrared rejection capabilities our ceramic film offers, but is still great for privacy and some form of heat reduction based on how dark you go along with have a good tract record of longevity, 10+ years with no warranty claims.

That is why we ask you, our client about the goals you are trying to achieve by having this service done and guide you to the best film option for YOU, based on this.



OC Tintz film of choice is XPEL due to the longevity of it and the color it provides, will closely match factory-dyed glass. Best of all this film comes with a transferable lifetime warranty, which is backed by a publicly traded company know for all it’s great films.

Our PRIME line from XPEL won’t fade, bubble, peel, delaminate, or turn purple over time. This means that this will be a one-time investment for you. You won’t have to worry about faded, purple, or bubbly looking tint because this film is meant to last, should it fail XPEL will pay us for removal and reinstallation fees, so you don’t have to.

Window Tint In Fullerton CA

window tint in fullerton

Are you the owner of a vehicle, a residence or a commercial property? Do you go to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of your car and property? Did you know that the installation of tinted windows can enhance the security of your car and properties by many times? We at OC Tintz, known for our first class service in window tinting in Orange County , are introducing top quality and affordable tinting services for your vehicles, homes and commercial properties!

Quickly emerging as the leading company for window tint in Fullerton CA, we are earning a name as the most reliable service in window tint Fullerton CA can offer. Our shop in Fullerton is centrally located to service many other cities of Orange County. When shopping for window tinting Santa Ana locals, who want the finest quality window tinting that Anaheim has ever seen, come to us. We’re also the number one choice for window tinting Irvine CA can count on. This makes us one of the top providers of window tinting orange county locals are going for, and we’re especially gaining massive popularity as the ultimate option for window tinting in Orange CA residents looking for premium product and service and reasonable prices! So you must be wondering what the key to our success is and what services do we offer. Let us guide you through the details of our services and why we are the best and the most essential option for you!

Originating in Fullerton CA and creating a huge loyal customer base by providing the best service in window tint that Fullerton CA has seen, we offer automotive, residential and commercial window tinting! Our car window tinting service which has earned us a rightful name as a top service in auto window tinting Brea CA and other cities can choose from derives much of its success from our excellent customer service along with the quality of our window films. Our window films, which are recommended by top organizations such as the Skin Cancer Foundation, not only keep your car and property from overheating, but also deflect harmful UV rays and IR (with Ceramic Window Films), therefore, reducing the chances of deadly diseases to a minimum. Along with such excellent quality materials, we take pride in communicating closely with our customers in every case, assessing their needs and requirements. In the case of auto window tinting, we always ask beforehand the type of vehicle the customer owns and what his desired film type is, which includes an option of dyed film, ceramic film and super ceramic film. For property window tinting, customer communication is also our key. We have deservingly earned our place as the number one choice among Fullerton, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine window tint businesses, so it is with great pride that we assure you of a service that will stand the test of time!

Window Tinting Santa Ana

OC Tintz offers you the most affordable, reliable and quality service in window tinting Santa Ana residents, being just 20 minutes away from Fullerton, have come across! Whether you own a vehicle or property, the installation of tinted windows is a must, so contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation and let us know your requirements so that we can guide you about the best option for you in our service of window tinting that Santa Ana locals swear by. Our services will ensure that any windows you own are completely safe and secured because the premium quality of our films prevents any breakage of glass and keeps the insides of your car and property from overheating. Avail of our services today and never again worry about your windows!

Window Tinting Anaheim

It has never been this easy and affordable to install tinted windows in your car and properties for the residents of Anaheim. We at OC Tintz, originally known as the best in window tinting in Fullerton CA, have extended our services to major California cities and Anaheim, being just 10 minutes away from Fullerton, is one of them. With our superior services in window tinting Anaheim car and property owners have hired, customers will receive tinted windows that last a long long time. We are dedicated to our goal to make people aware of the essential roles that tinted windows play in improving the wellbeing of you and your property and availing our services in window tinting Anaheim locals rave about, is where you should start! Follow our simple guide and get a free estimate of your costs, which we guarantee, will be extremely reasonable.

Which TINT are you?

We all agree that Auto Tinting adds value and looks great, but here are some other reasons why you should get your vehicle tinted

window tinting orange ca


Adding elegance and distinction to any car while enhancing your comfort with our exclusive range of Car Window Tint shades.

window tinting orange ca 3


Dogs can become dangerously overheated inside a vehicle within just a few minutes. Choose Windows Tinting to protect your pets.

window tinting orange ca 8


Auto Tint will help to protect you by holding your window together if the glass is shattered in an accident.

window tinting orange ca 4


Car Window Tints provide a layer of protection between the sun and your children and also block out harmful UV rays.

window tinting orange ca 5


A thief can smash untinted glass and steal your valuable in a matter of seconds. Protect your privacy and belongings with Car Windows Tints.

Window Tinting Irvine

OC Tintz is the go-to name for all window tinting services in major California cities, including Irvine! A 20 mile drive for high quality work is not too far to drive. For this reason we are the number one choice among Irvine window tint fans because of our commitment to the customer’s vision. Our experts leave our customers the choice of every action, so the customers decide what kind of films they want and where. Once you avail of our services in window tinting Irvine CA residents can find, you will never look back. The benefits are endless – from acting as a barrier to heating to preventing life-threatening diseases such as skin cancer, all thanks to our excellent UV and IR deflecting films. Give us a chance as your Irvine window tint service and we won’t let you down. Own a Tesla? We are one of the top shops for tesla window tinting!

Window Tint In Fullerton

Fullerton CA is the primary location of our labor of love, OC Tintz. , from where we have extended our service all over California. We boast of a massive loyal customer base we acquired by our top-notch services in window tint in Fullerton CA. With our premium quality window films, affordable service and close communication with customers, we have become the only choice for window tint Fullerton CA locals can rely on. Coming up as a trusted company for window tinting in Fullerton, we have branched out to to bring our excellent service to customers throughout Orange County, making car and property owners aware of the crucial importance of the installation of tinted windows. We bring top class service along with this awareness, and we hope you will give us a chance to see for yourself the benefits of our services!

Window Tinting Orange County

Orange County residents, we are your solution to all your window tinting owes and doubts. Our services in window tinting Orange County residents seek, are what you need to add that extra layer of security to your car and property. We provide the best window tinting that Orange County residents can buy because it is an essential service that many are not aware of, so we at OC Tintz are bringing to you the best service in this industry. We also have a significant and emerging popularity as a first-class servicer in window tinting Orange, CA locals are fond of. With our window films, you will find that all your problems of overheating have melted away, and additionally, we can guarantee you security against diseases such as skin cancer if you avail our services in window tinting Orange CA! Popular as an expert in window tinting Orange CA region as a whole, OC Tintz is emerging as a fine service that will soon become a national name!

So what are you waiting for? Whether you require a superior auto window tinting Brea CA residents can find, or if these services are needed in Anaheim, Orange County, Santa Ana, or Fullerton then OC Tintz has got you covered, even if you wish to install tinted windows for your properties. Our commitment will always remain for the customers and our motto is to bring awareness about the necessities of window tinting services. Overheating vehicles can be a danger and may even be life-threatening to kids and pets. By availing of our services in auto window tinting Brea CA or another California city whose residents will never have to worry about the overheating of their cars again. For residential and commercial properties, window tinting goes a long way in saving energy and reducing your electric bill! Additionally, they can be that extra layer of security preventing any unfortunate incident of breaking thus strengthening your security system as a whole.

Residential window tinting services also provide privacy to your homes, you will be relieved knowing that no stranger can peek inside your home through tinted windows, but you will be able to clearly see everything going on outside! Our window tinting services are also a great way to enhance the look and feel of your house because tinted windows give both your home and commercial property a fresh and stylish look! The most important aspect of our service, let us reiterate, is to help deflect harmful UV rays and reject IR thus keeping you completely safe and sound from any potential danger of illnesses like skin cancer. All our Window films are top quality and are certified by leading research organizations, so you can be certain that you are receiving a genuine product! OC Tintz is your small family-owned business company that is on the verge of reaching incredible heights thanks to our loyal customers! Give us a chance and be a part of our journey as we continue to provide the best of services to California homes and cars, securing lives and reducing the bills of our customers! We promise you premium services and quality materials that steadily withstand the test of time.