Preserve your vehicle’s paintwork on the Fullerton roads with the advanced XPEL Ceramic coating technologies available here at OC Tintz.

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Ceramic Coating Benefits

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Maintain Exterior

Scratch Resistant

UV Protection

Vehicles that are professionally coated with a ceramic layer will resist scratches, oxidation and corrosion in the harsh Fullerton weather environment. Your paint will no longer fade or age due to the suns harsh UV. The advanced ceramic coating technologies we use here at OC Tintz is also temperature resistant which means no bird droppings, bugs, road dirt or even tar can eat away at your fresh paint.



Ceramic Coating Applications

Wheel & Calipers

Cleaning your wheels and calipers just got easier! With heat and chemical resistance, FUSION PLUS repels dust, grime, and more.


FUSION PLUS keeps your glass cleaner and clearer for a spotless outlook on the open road. It also helps with ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Preserve the appearance of your plastic and trim surfaces with unrivaled protection against fading and weathering from UV rays.


Stains are a thing of the past! Repel spill and prevent stains on carpets, leather, vinyl, and other fabrics while retaining the factory feel and finish.

1 Year Warranty

FUSION PLUS LITE is a high-quality ceramic coating that provides resistance to light scratches and fading. Its hydrophobic properties repel dirt and liquids, making surfaces easier to clean.

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4 Year Warranty

FUSION PLUS PAINT & PPF provides exceptional resistance to light scratches, stains, and fading. It improves surface clarity to increase color depth - leaving paint or PPF with a smooth, slick finish.

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8 Year Warranty

FUSION PLUS PREMIUM features unparalleled durability and longer-lasting protection against scratches and environmental contaminants – for those who want the ultimate in ceramic coating technology.

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4 Year Warranty

FUSION PLUS SATIN is a unique ceramic coating specifically for satin paint and XPEL STEALTH™ paint protection film. It delivers excellent protection and hydrophobicity to keep your satin finish looking great.

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Maximum protection

Why ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating shields your vehicle’s paint from environmental damage and UV rays, prolonging its life and appearance. Its hydrophobic nature keeps your car cleaner for longer, reducing the need for frequent washes. This coating also enhances the paint’s gloss, ensuring your vehicle looks showroom-ready every day.


Ceramic Coatings Gallery

Ceramic Coatings Gallery


Ceramic coatings is an extremely durable vehicle protection application and depending on the actual coatings that are used they are suitable for use on paintwork, wheels, glass and plastic trim. The basic chemical composition of a ceramic coating installation is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). In some cases, ceramic coatings may also be referred to as quartz or glass coatings.

There are many products on the market, some have levels of Si02 lower than 5% which is typically found in maintenance sprays. Others have levels up to 70%. The higher the level of Si02 the more resistance from the Fullerton roads you can expect. Here at Tints2go we only quality ceramic coatings.
Ceramic coating by OC Tintz are carefully applied by our own expert applicator’s as a liquid install and done one panel at a time covering the exterior painted surfaces to ensure adequate drying in time. The paintwork is firstly decontaminated from the harsh Ontario weathering that can be embedded into the paint work and prepared to ensure the coating achieves a good bond to the paintwork.

This will depend on many factors, such as the type of coatings installed and how and where the car is driven or stored. This can also depend on how well the coating is maintained. It is best to talk to a OC Tintz representative so we can go over different factors that can effect this while using your vehicle on the Orange County roads.

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