Tesla Window Tinting

Are you the proud owner of a Tesla?

Then our ceramic films that  reduce UP TO 88% of infrared heat & carry 99% UVA/UVB protection are right for you. 

Serving all of Orange County and surrounding areas. We’ll help you make a decision on what film option is best for you!


Are you searching for “Tesla Window Tinting” or “Tesla Window Tinting Near Me”?

Then here are the  TOP 6 REASONS to get your Tesla’s windows tinted with  OC TINTZ

1. Increases Privacy

2. Blocks up to 98% of Solar Infrared Heat Helping Reduce Tesla’s Battery Drain Due To Automatic A/C

3. Improves Your Vehicle’s Appearance

4. Safer Driving with Reduced Sun Glare

5. Prevents Interior Sun Damage

6. Protects Your Skin From Damaging UV Rays

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Tesla Model S 20% all side windows and rear hatch

Tesla Window Tint Fullerton CA

An amateur window tinter could leave your tesla windows with a bubbly look.

We are trained in specialized techniques by leaders in the industry to give you the highest quality service available.
We’ve designed a simple 3-step process to have your car in and out in a flash.

Get a FREE ESTIMATE for your tesla’s ceramic window tint options.

Bring your car into OC TINTZ and enjoy fast, easy and professional installation.


Drive with confidence, knowing your skin and belongings are protected by XPEL’s Ceramic Window Tint film.


xpel warranty cards

Lifetime Warranty

OC TINTZ  carries a ceramic tint for Tesla near you with a nationwide transferable lifetime warranty through XPEL.

Our PRIME XR & XR Plus lines from XPEL won’t fade, bubble, peel, delaminate, or turn purple over time..
This means should you run into any issues down the road with our tesla tint, XPEL will pay us the removal and reinstallation labor, so you don’t have to making this a true one-time investment.
Not many window film manufacturers provide window film clients with a transferable lifetime warranty, but XPEL PRIME automotive window films do. This means that your Tesla tint, should you sell it, will be covered for the new owner as well. This will give you the opportunity to add more value to your vehicle when closing the deal.

Tesla Window Tinting Fullerton

You know you will be getting quality car tint as this film is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation due to it’s superior heat blocking abilities, 99% UV rejection, and how ceramic window tint & premium ceramic car tint lines carry HIGH infrared rejection. You will see a noticeable difference once you drive your Tesla off our lot. PRIME ceramic films carries up 98% Infrared rejection and 72% heat reduction, but that is not all, these films will only allow up to 7% of the heat to reach you.

Tesla Model Y 20% front windows & 5% rear


If you own a Tesla Model 3 don’t worry we have a few options for your rear windshield. We can either apply window tint up to the defrost lines at a more affordable price or we can do a One-Piece rear windshield which will cover the whole complete big piece of glass at premium price. Covering the whole glass will make sure that there is less heat coming in from the top, helping in reducing the infrared rays and UV rays that can potentially damage your Model 3 interior.


As innovative Tesla has been, they have also taken another step in making these state of the art vehicles even more appealing. The majority of Teslas are mainly all glass, which means more visible light comes in along with UV and Infrared rays making your Tesla act like a magnifying glass greatly increasing the temperatures inside your cabin. This is turn stresses your battery with the A/C system, lowering your driving range.


Clear Ceramic Window Film For Windshields

The vast majority of these rays will be coming from your front windshield, so we have the perfect solution for you. We also apply clear ceramic films to the windshield to minimize the amount of IR, UV,& Visible light that makes it hot inside your Tesla!

Add the clear ceramic windshield to your Tesla when you come in to get either our XPEL Prime XR or XPEL Prime XR Plus applied to your side windows and rear windshield.

With a transferable lifetime warranty that will cover you coast to coast should any peeling, bubbling, purpling, fading, delamination, or any manufacturing defects should occur makes this is a true one-time investment. 

What’s included?


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TESLA Window Tinting Services:

The TESLA Model Y comes with factory-dyed glass straight from the showroom floor. This glass is meant for privacy, not to protect you or your interior from harmful UV rays. That is why we offer Tesla Model Y Window Tinting!

What can you do to ad UV Protection?

Your TESLA Model Y is a big investment, so we understand that you want to maintain it as best you can. That is why our XPEL Prime CS, XPEL Prime XR, & XPEL Prime XR Plus will be the best solution for you.

These films have an SPF rating of 1,000, making it so you won’t get a sunburn while cruising down the street in that beautiful electric midsized SUV and will make sure your leather seats will not age or crack prematurely. 

TESLA’s flagship vehicle, the one that made electric cars happen. If you own this vehicle, we know how much you want to drive without having to drain much of the battery with your A/C due to California’s heat.

XPEL Prime XR or XR Plus should be your solution to needing to use the A/C at high speeds, draining the battery faster. Our XR carries 76% heat reduction and 85% Infrared Reduction. XR Plus carries 82% Heat reduction and 98% Infrared Rejection.

With industry leading nano-ceramic technology XR & XR Plus will drive you farther than before you had these films installed, that is why we recommend Tesla Model S Window Tinting.

If you own a TESLA Model 3 you know how unbearably hot it can get as the car is mainly all glass. OC Tintz has the solution just for you with our tesla window tinting services.

This Model has a rear windshield that goes up about 53 inches and is 42 inches wide. We offer you two choices when doing Tesla Model 3 window tinting, we can either window tint up to the defroster lines or tint the rear windshield in one piece.

The one piece installation will be more in price due to needing more material to cover the while rear windshield and the extra precautions needed to be taken to have a problem-free tesla tint install.



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