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Looking for commercial window tinting in California? OC Tintz, the trusted building window tint specialists. Reduce energy costs by up to 50% with commercial tinting.

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Commercial Window Tint Benefits

Commercial Window Tint Benefits

Heat Rejection

Scratch Resistant

UV Protection

Commercial window tinting is a great solution for creating a more comfortable and productive work environment. It significantly reduces glare on screens and minimizes solar heat gain, maintaining a consistent and pleasant temperature throughout the office. This not only improves employee comfort but also can lead to increased productivity and focus.

Additionally, window tinting in the office enhances privacy without sacrificing natural light, creating a sense of seclusion and security. It also protects against UV ray exposure, which helps in preserving the color and integrity of office furniture and equipment. Investing in window tinting is a cost-effective way to upgrade your office space, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.


Up to 10 year Lifetime Warranty

The very popular One-way mirror film, for commercial locations, offers a unique combination of privacy and great rejection. It allows for clear outward visibility while presenting a reflective exterior, effectively concealing the inside view from outsiders. With the high reflectivity it boasts great heat rejection at 85% creating a cooler work environment.

Our XPEL Security film designed to prevent break-ins is an essential investment for office safety. It fortifies windows against forced entry, serving as a strong deterrent to burglars and intruders. Unlike regular films, this security film is specifically engineered to withstand high-impact forces, ensuring a robust barrier that protects both property and personnel within the office.

$22Billion dollars a year is estimated to leak out of Americans pockets due to trying keep the working climate cool and Ontario has its fair share of that cost. Installing a heat reduction window film in the right environment can help cut these costs dramatically. Also By installing glare reduction window films in Ontario we have helped commercial building make use of their windows without the need to cover them up.
Graffiti within Fullerton, CA has been very costly to repair over the years. In addition to the damage to properties, graffiti can also be disruptive and offensive and leave a bad impression on your business. OC Tintz use a specialized anti-graffiti window film product can be installed to make cleanup easier, quicker and more importantly a lot cheaper than replacing the whole glass.
Commercial properties encounter over $ 3 billion dollars a year worth of burglaries. Many businesses are looking to cameras as a deterrent, but XPEL security window film offered by OC Tintz can delay break-ins all together

Outdated buildings can lower team moral or even make it hard to lease a property out. Hundreds of Fullerton commercial buildings are turning to window film in Ontario to help transform the look of their building. Window tinting is the most cost effective way to achieve this.

The Sun and mostly the Sun’s UV fades just about anything it gets into contact with. By installing high absorbing UV window films in Fullerton we have helped combat this. We also offer virtually invisible window films that offer 99% UV Reduction.
Safety window films in Fullerton is becoming used more and more with all the new regulations that constantly being put in place due to employee / customer injuries. Pre-empt any issues you may have by installing a safety window film that will stop flying glass shared from injuring anyone.


Orange County's #1 commercial window film services

If you are considering anti graffiti window film for your business in Fullerton, CA here at OC Tintz we offer a free consultation to help you decide if this is the right solution for you. We will come to your business and assess your needs, then provide you with a quote for the project. Our team has experience with all types of businesses, and we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs.


Commercial Window Tinting Gallery

Commercial Window Tinting Gallery

OC Tintz commercial window tinting FAQ

Commercial window tinting can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours depending on the application. OC Tintz use an appointment system to ensure our customers are not rushed like some other “production line” tint businesses out there.

No. Today’s high-quality window films reduce the sun’s glare and will actually have a sharper view through your windows.
Window tint can change the appearance of your home, but we also offer some films which are virtually undetectable and most people will not notice any changes to your home. Additionaly we offer some films which are actually less reflective than ordinary window glass.
Tinted windows don’t require special cleaners, but it’s best to avoid glass cleaner with ammonia or scraping the tint with a blade, as it can damage window tint film over time. Tinted windows can be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth for best results.

Yes. A business can save up to 50% in some cases. The amount of savings will depend on the type of window tint and the general construction. Climate, sun exposure, existing energy costs, and the efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems are also factors to be considered regarding energy savings.

Yes. Fading is caused by sunlight produced heat, UV rays, and visible light. All of which are can be controlled by the right choice in window film. While no window tint will completely stop fading, our window films can reduce the damage by up to 80%, which extends the lifetime and appearance of your possessions, furniture, and saves on high replacement costs.

Window films are applied to the interior side of your windows.

First, we evaluate your individual needs with a professional consultation. Second, we protect the installation areas and clean the interior of the windows. Finally, we apply the film using a mild water-based chemical solution

Anti graffiti window film is a clear film that is applied to glass surfaces in order to protect them from vandalism. The film we use here at OC Tintz is very tough and durable and can keep your Ontario premises protected , it can be removed without damaging the underlying surface. Once the anti graffiti window film has been removed, the glass surface should be cleaned and polished in order to restore its original shine.

It can depend on the job and the area that needs to be installed with anti-graffiti window films. Here at OC Tintz we never rush the process which has ensured us to be the number 1 installers of anti-graffiti window film in Ontario
Anti graffiti window film we use here at OC Tintz is an investment that can protect your , California property from costly damage. The film works by creating a barrier between the glass and the graffiti, allowing you to simply peel off the graffiti without any scrubbing or chemicals. The cost of anti graffiti film varies depending on the size and type of glass, but typically ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot depending on the job type. While the initial investment may be significant, anti graffiti film can save you money in the long run by protecting your property from expensive repairs that can occur in Fullerton.
The anti-graffiti window film we use here at OC Tintz can be installed on all glass, but we don’t recommend installing it on glass that is low risk (for instance glass that is high up and hard to damage) This is why we offer to send out our consultant who can access the project and give you the most cost effective quote within the California area.
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