Best Time of the Year to Get Car Window Tint

Published on July 10, 2023

Window tints are cost-effective solutions to improving your vehicle’s privacy and visual appearance and reducing solar radiation by up to 85 percent. Still, you need to consider a few factors before investing in window tinting for your vehicle, including the best season to tint car windows.

Awareness of all the advantages and drawbacks of installing window films in each season is essential, as temperature and humidity can highly disrupt the tint’s curing time—the time the window tint adhesive takes to dry.

Below are the causes and effects of each season’s temperature and humidity when installing car window tints:


This season is when nature begins to wake between March and May. It brings a rich flora and fauna that compact snow blanket while the sun’s heat gives a comforting warmth.

California’s average temperatures during spring range from 62 °F and 39 °F. By the end of April, some areas in California experience temperature drop that causes thunderstorms. Thus, it is considered the best season to tint car windows.


Summer is one of the best times of the year, which gives off a comfortable climatic situation. Many desire this season because of high air humidity and temperature. The common temperature during summer ranges in the following degrees Fahrenheit mentioned below:

  • All throughout the season, the temperature grows from 80 °F to 88 °F.
  • The temperature becomes cooler during nighttime, ranging from 53 °F to 57 °F.

The climate can switch to hotter temperatures during summertime. Hence, many people love swimming on beaches or in private resorts during this time of the year.

Car window tinting during the summer is also convenient since it helps the vehicle’s film cure within two to four days. But while it is possible to tint car windows during summer, the rising humidity levels during this season can prolong the adhesive’s drying time. It can be a disadvantage since moisture can affect how the tint adheres to the windows.


Another climatic season in America is that time of the year Americans call the Indian Summer. Aside from being the common time for celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween, it is also the universal season. The temperatures will become cooler; thus, various changes in the natural world occur, like leaves falling.

Day length also lessens, while night duration increases as the season advances to winter. Furthermore, the typical air temperature during fall ranges from 82 °F during September and 73 °F in November.

Fall is another best season for installing window tints. It is the same with the low humidity and mild temperature in the spring season. This time of the year ensures applying this film attaches to the windows properly.


The winter season provides ice accumulation, heavy snow, wind chill, and icy temperatures. Several winter storms, called deceptive killers, have often contributed to adverse weather. It is the coldest season out of all four.

The common temperature during the winter season ranges from 71 55 °F to 23 35 °F at night from December to January. Temperatures in different states may vary. Despite the icy weather, this time of year is the Christmas and New Year celebration period; thus, people still enjoy winter.

The winter season’s only drawback is that it is not the best time to install window tints. Its freezing temperature can significantly affect the curing process of tinting. Although it is still possible to install window tints, the moisture it creates can extend the curing time. Hence, this season is the slowest time for car tinting in Fullerton, CA.


As mentioned above, the best seasons to install car tints are spring and fall since these two have milder temperatures and the humidity decreases in most parts of the country.

Learning all the factors abovementioned about the causes and effects of the various humidity and temperature in different seasons is highly essential. Picking the best window tint is important, but it is also vital not to neglect to know these important factors before installing a window tint.

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